From my cell I could hear the thunder, building all afternoon as the storm rolled in over our Gulag.


My single feeble tube of light flickered…would the lightning favour me? It had to! I had no idea where the power plant for this hell-hole was! And I had nothing to use to get these shackles off…


somehow, I didn’t think elipses would work…

Dark. A sudden, complete darkness. I groped my way towards my cell door, feeling for the spy-hole bars.Yes! My fingers closed on the rim and I tugged hard. Too hard – no longer held fast by its high voltage, the damn’ door swung in and almost flattened me.

I could hear no one. Was I the only prisoner in this area? I moved along the wall to my left,trying to remember how many steps I’d taken when they brought me here. Maybe 90 steps?

And then lightning flashed across a doorway. A glazed door! And just outside the door a glazed guard. While the sky was still lit I pulled open the door, snatched the guard’s  taser and ran towards the gates.

A voice in my head said I should have taken the regular gun.Would a taser work if it was raining? And by now it was. In seconds the taser and I were soaked.


I had two problems…I had to cross this raging torrent. And I needed food.Actually, I had three problems…I still had my yoke and chain.Sure, it was broken, but I had no way to get it off…

The voice in my head said “find food.” So I channeled  Les Hiddins  and gathered some fallen quandongs…IMG_0037.JPG

By now the stream was carrying dead critters along and I knew typhoid would be a risk.I needed  something pure to drink…IMG_5001.JPG

And I needed transport! I’d have to take a chance on someone leaving  a key in the ignition…and fuel in the tank! I didn’t care about air in the tyres!IMG_0020.JPG

One last forage for food and I was outa here! spices for the start of a coconut curry.jpg


And that’s why I haven’t posted for so long!




I’ve been soaking up as much of the local flora as can fit in my brain.My “fix” has to last as I’ve no idea when I’ll be back.

cherry flower

Probably the last of the blossom;cherries are starting to fatten.The wildlife will get most of ’em.

And this, we decided, is an Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus )IMG_2171

Who is “we”? Ms Daisyfae and me. After our laugh-a-minute meeting in NY a few years I hoped another trip Stateside might come up.There was an invitation to “come visit” and the little ducks were all in a row.

I’ve been walking her dog and he, being  an old dog, is happy to set a slow pace.So I get to look carefully at all the trees I either don’t know or had forgotten. Isn’t the Internet  wonderful!

This is Cercis canadensis or “Redbud” to most people. IMG_2176

We’re on our way out to dinner very soon so I’ll keep this brief.Have a Honey Locust (Gleditsia triacanthos) while I apply some war-paint…IMG_2180

We had a wonderful day out in Yellow Springs and had lunch with an old blog friend and tomorrow is set to be a busy day so if I’m not back til I get home you’ll know why.Here’s  the “Absolutely Fabulous” Corinne from  We found a marvellous shop choc-full of vintage glitz and glamour.Like these shades. You’re rockin’  them, girl!

Corrine Bayraktaroglu's photo.


Now, I’m just going to try this beauty for size.IMG_2210



Sung about, written about and probably even cursed by light sleepers, the Mocking Bird eluded me until now. I think this is a juvenile (because another bird was bringing it grubs and bugs to eat).IMG_2109

And, because I know some of you want to hear  it…

I was lamenting the lack of arachnid Kodak moments. But the rainstorms the other day must have brought out a load of Incey-Winceys. So far, only  Orchard Orb Weavers that I can see (Leucauge venusta), but they’re new to me so they count!

IMG_2117 (2)


And the real reason I’m here…Maggie, the ancient and venerable Border Collie.IMG_4949

Post-prandial snooze.

OK, this is a short post, but I have other things to do. Those of you who dip your toes in the muddied waters of Facebook know how to find me.