Hello! Yes, it’s moi, returned from the wilderness of cyberpurgatory. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say “boneyard” since great swathes of my toy’s hard drive were cluttered up with useless, dead or not -activated  programmes. All swept clean now.And if it knows what’s good for it it will not get in a mess again.

So, once back in harness (keep that word in mind) I had some messages in a queue… among them was this

Of course the wonderful Mr Hoffnung sprang to mind.And if I don’t keep a tight rein I’ll be wandering down that lane all day.

There was/is a lovely art exhibition touring and I was pleased to see it.Twice! Various artists have produced works influenced by past and proposed coal mines in a particular area of Queensland. Here is a link to Bimblebox, a nature reserve that is under dire threat by proposed mining leases.  and a map, just in case your geography is sketchy!IMG_4671

My last post (No, Muriel, you needn’t blow the bugle.Different sort of pos-put that bugle away! NURSE!) …my previous post slid in under your radar, didn’t it? I thought someone might pick up on the oblique reference.Maybe my readers are not Psalm readers?

Dashing away again, I’m afraid. But I’ll leave you with another  Hoffnung classic.You’re welcome.







…the things that you’re lib’le to read in the bible, ain’t necessarily so.

If that were the case, today I’d be dead!

About that half-arsed promise to come up with an idea to celebrate the blog’s birthday…um. Sorry. It’s been a bit manic  Chez Dinahmow. I didn’t forget, I just had rather a lot of more important stuff that required my attention.

Growing up in a much cooler climate there are some things about life  north of Capricorn that I miss. Cherry blossom, for one. So yesterday, The Man got behind the wheel and I snapped some pink-blossomed trees from tourist class. Pretty ropey pics, but every spring, when these Tabebuia  are in flower, I’m reminded of cherry blossom.IMG_4625


Now, needs must…back as soon as this busy-dust settles. Actually, busy-dust is a bit like bloody glitter – you can’t get rid of it!

Someone has been to look at one of the old cars! Please cross whichever bits of anatomy you think will be helpful. (Muriel, NO! Oh dear.Nurse!)


The intention was for The Man to creep out in the dark of the pre-dawn to watch the World Cup Rugby match between Australia and Wales. On TV. Of course.

Well, that plan sort-of worked…but it might have been wise to rely on an alarm clock. Despite my channeling Max Boyce and singing “Hymns and Arias” we both over slept. And, anyway, The Aussies beat the boyos. I didn’t sing loud enough, isn’t it!

It’s been blowing hell west and crooked all week and then yesterday we had heavy rain. We stuffed as much garden debris as we could into the car and off I went… aren’t wing mirrors great!

I always have the car radio on and heard “Zorba’s Dance” by a full orchestra (turns out it was Montreal Symphony) with rather more brass than bouzouki but damn! it was good. So I turned it waaaay up. Such a cracking piece of music from a cracking film I thought I’d poke around on youtube and share it…

And, for a laugh, there’s this version…

And I’ve looked at this thing til my eyes hurt and I need to lie down in a darkened room.

Have  picture to take away the hurt!IMG_4617I spotted this magazine in the supermarket and it made me laugh…that’s an oilskin coat, known here as a Drizabone,  on the back of the chair.

It’s Wine O’Clock Chez Dinahmow. See ya….I shall give some thought to a blogiversary prize. Yes, this lame old thing has been running, albeit in fits and starts, since 2006!