And it certainly does Chez dinahmow! So fast I am  surprised there isn’t a black and white chequered flag.

Most people who get to have as many “fire hazards” on their birthday cakes slow down about now. We are not  “most.”

The Man, for instance…decided he’d be semi-retired.I waved him off after lunch on Monday and shan’t see him til Lunch on Friday. (He’s working out of town.)

And I seem to be juggling hats. In between my gardener’s hat and chef’s hat I tried to make a hat for a little bit of fun and games here. Missed the deadline (of course!) as I was still trying to find my way around the new computer.And then I had some modem malarky. If I’d finished in time it would have been thisIMG_4615

But I actually remembered to take a camera on my last walk!That header  /\  is one of many pictures from the other day. And this morning I found the dinkiest lil green spider, but he’d gone camo by the time I ran indoors to get a camera. Pretty sure it was a (no, not that kind!) as we see lots of them ( also see quite a few of the other kind…). But, dammit! I need more spider pics for the Flickr group!

See? That’s another way I lose track of time!

I’m a bit of a links minx today, aren’t I? One more! I’m fairly confident that this won’t happen here when the Man finally retires. Hell! I hope not.Can’t have two opinionated know-alls in one house!



Not necessarily the author, although after the last few whirlwind days, that descriptor may apply.

Nothing much blog-worthy, but minor domestic upheavals.

And an orchid show! The Man and I went to see the hundreds of blooms on Sunday, along with hundreds of people. Someone, who shall be nameless, left the cameras at home.Twit!

But on Tuesday, after an early morning walk around The Gooseponds  I redeemed myself and went back to the orchid show with a camera. Yay! Hardly anyone there.Double yay! I took over 70 pictures! Oh, it’s alright, I shan’t flood this page. Here’s a Vanda, with a hand beside it for scale.If I had the room, I might try growing these beauties.


I suppose most of you know what “baking weights” are? No? Oh, well they are[usually] small ceramic marbles, used to weight pastry when blind-baking.Oh, google it! Anyway…once upon a time, I used to have some proper baking weights. But I moved house and went on journeys to too many places to take such non-essentials. And then, when I did settle (sort-of,I’m a vagabond at heart!) I simply dumped a load of dried beans in my pie dish. But when we moved to the tropics I found that so many things went mouldy I might be risking Ergotism.So I improvised.How? I plonked a handful of pebbles from the back yard in a pot of boiling water to kill any germs and have been weighty my pie crusts with them for 15 years.

My stone pastry weights, looking remarkably like a Bora ring!


What’s that, you say? You’d like to see more orchids?

A Cattleya. (I think!)


This beauty IS a Phalaenopsis .IMG_1813We have several,much smaller varieties.

And I’ll stop with a picture of a once-common, now-endangered native swamp orchid, Phaius australis I bought a young plant, not yet flowering, but it will look like this…the tall flower spike on the right of the picture.


And now it’s lunch time! It’s also asparagus season….yum!